Project: Looking at nature

San Ignacio

16 sixth-grade students from San Ignacio School, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Teacher: Mikel Garmendia

Artist: Karlos Martínez Bordoy

Language: Basque

When art and natural history are combined and looked at from a different, playful perspective, this subject can be rediscovered as a fun branch of science. These workshops were based on the idea of analyzing scientific phenomena from the natural world from original angles, in an effort to better understand the world around us. How does a wasp see? What are the essential characteristics of plants?

Using trial and error as tools for learning, new approaches were found for the scientific laws governing the life of animals and plants and their habitats. Creative games, like blind drawing or drawing while moving, can help break down taboos and unblock creative processes.

Scientific method and artistic creation came together in an illustrated collection of fantastic animals, a flip book simulating the motions of nature, amazing sculptures representing plants, habitats created with post-its, colors that modify the landscape, floating animals and kaleidoscopes showing different ways of looking at animals or insects.

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“Karlos taught us to value the materials and projects. He also taught us that in art nothing is good or bad.”—Child from San Ignacio School