Project: Sustainable consumption


20 third-grade students from Sasoeta-Zumaburu School, Lasarte-Oria

Teacher: Rebeka Medina

Artist: Manu Muniategiandikoetxea

Language: Basque

This project focused on two areas: recycling and sustainable consumption, from the point of view of art. Topics like what is collective, what is ephemeral, action and public environments also came up. Throughout the project, participants were careful not to produce too much waste and to use only the necessary resources—if possible, locally produced, so as to save fuel.

Students were asked to do research, to think and answer questions like, “What is consumption?”, “What is sustainable consumption?”, “What do we use for consumption and how do we use it?” They made lists of what they have for breakfast or lunch, what they use, and so on, finding the places where those goods are reproduced on the map and understanding the importance of using goods produced in the area where they live. They also discussed a series of artworks and artists’ ideas on this subject. Using twigs and branches from tree trimming (that is, recycled materials), they made a balanced structure, which they used to hang elements: works by other artists, works lent by other students, etc. The idea was to emphasize the concept of team work and reuse, as in readymade art. Thus, the kids understood that objects can get a new life, with new functions and renewed value. The result was an ecosystem of drawings, clothes, models, calendars and even a world map hanging and connected, standing for desirable balance between nature and our use of resources.

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