Barter barter


In this gallery, Neto takes his statement about the connections among human beings even further. The core of this installation is made up of objects from everyday life, and paper bags containing glass beads have been laid out around them.

Starting the first day of the exhibition, visitors can exchange some of these objects in the middle with other items they may have brought with them (which cannot have a base larger than 30 x 30 cm). In this way, throughout the duration of the exhibition, the items will change thanks to the public's participation. These objects, which may come from anywhere, will then be dispersed around the city, or perhaps the entire world, the visitors thus becoming participants in the work.

To create this installation, Neto drew inspiration from the surge in exchange networks that have emerged all over the world in response to the limitations imposed by the economic system. By bartering, we attach more importance to justice, equality, and basic human values, and we are more aware of our own needs, the needs of others, and the needs of the planet which we all share.

From Tuesday to Sunday, at certain hours, the Museum's docents will oversee the exchange of objects in the installation Barter Barter and will provide more information on the works displayed and on the artist.