25 students, 4th grade, San Vicente de Paúl School, Barakaldo

Teachers: Begoña Arceo, Aritz Gómez
Artist: Elssie Ansareo
Main curricular subject: Social Studies
Related curricular subject: Spanish Language/Studies
Language: Spanish

Linking the project to the school’s general goal of emphasizing the role played by women in history, artist Elssie Ansareo asked her group of students to do some research into female artists.

Visiting the exhibition Women in Abstraction at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, they learnt that female artists included not just painters but dancers, filmmakers, photographers, and sculptresses as well, and that they came from different countries and continents! Afterwards, they were asked to describe the works of those women in drawing and in writing. Their drawings and texts were put together in an animation film as a light-hearted, personal way of emphasizing the importance of women in the history of art.

Based on their own drawings, which they really enjoyed making, the students were asked to make different kinds of books: folded books, round books, large-format books, artist’s books, art catalogs… Thus, books joined film as a medium to analyze, show, and promote women’s art.

“What we liked best about the program was meeting Elssie and learning new things in groups,” the children at San Vicente de Paúl School said.