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This exhibition is the visual history of a town, nineteenth-century Bilbao, which, in spite of being invaded by the French, besieged by the Carlists, and struck by various cholera epidemics—the first in 1834, the fourth and last in 1893—, consolidates economically as a great city, in which a significant number of great artists, who had previously passed through Paris, will thrive. Through twenty-seven pictorial scenes, like time-songs or greatest hits, we delve into the history of our city. These paintings sharpen that dual faculty of memory and knowledge that great painting makes possible.

Curator: Kosme de Barañano

Bilbo and Painting
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Bilbao and Painting
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Bilbao and Painting

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Bilbao and Painting

Did you know…? One of most relevant examples of Basque large-scale mural painting from the early 20th century can be found in Madrid.
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Catalogue Bilbao and Painting

The Bilbao and Painting exhibition catalogue, by Kosme de Barañano, presents an extensive journey that addresses numerous social, economic, or political aspects of Bilbao's development, as well as a detailed analysis of the thirty-odd painting scenes that comprise the show, which allow the reader to "delve into the city’s history” and see [...] “history as a continuum that brings us closer to the Bilbao of 1800 and suggests how to discern the future”.
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