The digital project KOSMO is the result of the commitment of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao to education, knowledge, and the enjoyment of modern and contemporary art. KOSMO is an interactive mediation tool that connects the artists represented in the Museum Collection in a dynamic, visual way. This interface offers a wide range of consultation options to create different paths of exploration and discovery, thus formulating a unique virtual experience.

The project’s starting point is a constellation of artists whose shape reveals the links between them. Upon clicking on them, various resources are displayed to provide in-depth information on their biographies, their works and the Museum exhibitions in which they were included, their bibliographies, other Collection artists with whom they are related, and a number of videos and documentaries showing their creative languages. Then, by means of several of filters, it is possible to group the artists according to specific artistic trends or movements; the different mediums of expression they use in their work; or the decades in which they were born. It is also possible to identify the local and national artists or the Collection works permanently on view.

In short, this digital project is designed to make the Collection online available to individuals wishing to discover, explore, consult, and connect the artists that form part of the artistic holdings of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.