23 6th-grade students from Amaña school, Eibar
Teacher: Iosune Arratibel
Artist: Manu Muniategiandikoetxea

This project explored the concept of communication from the point of view of art. It explained how the artistic process, at its core, is also a process of communication that culminates when the work of art is shown and the spectator receives it.

Learning the basic elements of communication—sender, receiver, channels, etc.—was the starting point for students to develop their critical thinking through the analysis of the signs that surround them. The students explored multiple systems of communication, including verbal communication, traffic signs, nautical signals or sign language, which led them to consider the possibility of inventing other equally effective ways of transmitting information.

They took pictures of their environment, of signage, signals, and codes of all kinds. This allowed them to identify the different types and come up with new, fun codes of communication by reorganizing existing elements.

The Amaña students explained their work:

“For this project we divided into five groups. At first, we created words with foam. Then the first group colored them with spray paint. The second group invented a code with these letters. The third group drew signs with foam. The fourth wrote city names and the fifth invented sea signals.”