CALL CENTER, 2014-2016

Call Center presents itself under the form of an enormous Beretta revolver built with recourse to the accumulation of 168 black landline telephones, each of the same exact model. The hyperbolized form of a Beretta revolver, built using dozens of telephones, points directly towards the violence that may be produced through the power of mass communication. The title, associated to the referenced objects, appears to report to the manipulation and dehumanized excess that is characteristic of many call centers. A weapon doesn’t free itself from its violent load - however noble may be the reason of its use; moreover, communication – when at a large scale, standardized, controlled and manipulative – will always be an exercise that overpowers the individual’s infinite singularities.

Answering to the artist’s challenge, musician Jonas Runa composed an electroacoustic symphony for the telephone rings. Each ring was slightly altered in order to produce different notes, transforming the work into a musical instrument. Some of the suspended receivers and, most of all, the powerful speaker installed in the interior of the “revolver” cannon work as the vehicles for the electronics that integrate this singular and intense electroacoustic symphony, transporting us to multiple environments.

Call Center summons everyday life objects of a specific time, connecting these to the dimension of sound, and, through ingenious operations of displacement, offers us an open, multidimensional and timeless work.