The passage of time

Artist: Naia del Castillo
Media: photography
School: C.P. Santa María (Vitoria)
Year: 2nd
Teacher: Paloma Meana
Related areas and subjects: Social and Natural Sciences


To reflect on time, while encouraging an interest in photography thanks to discovering its aesthetic and creative possibilities.


Disposable cameras


  1. The students held a debate on questions of how time is measured, or how time changes the body, spaces and objects.
  2. Each student was given a disposable camera, asking them to capture the passing of time at school, in the playground, on their way to and from school, at home, etc.
  3. They were taught a series of basic photography concepts, on aspects such as how to use the camera, the light, the flash or the frame.
  4. All of the photographs were collected and shared with the single objective of demonstrating and trying to understand the passing of time.
  5. The photographs portrayed used pencils; places affected by human action; tangerine peels—dry and misshapen; the traces left by flowing water.... The idea wasn’t to trap time, but to bear witness to its effect: the transformation, evolution and change, of state and place.