Sculptures and more

Artist: Jorge Rubio
Medium: Drawing, painting, and sculpture
School: CP Zubialde
Years: 5th and 6th grade
Areas and related subjects: Natural and Social Science
Teacher: Izaskun Garrote


To analyze the relationship between art and the environment.


Paper, pencil, tempera, paintbrushes, pieces of wood, textured paper, cardboard.


  1. The students analyze colors they see in the landscape.
  2. Each one paints the different tones he/she observes: in the sky, on the ground, in the fields or mountains.
  3. The painting then becomes a three-dimensional piece: a box is made by folding the sheet of paper. A flat surface takes on volume.
  4. Pieces of painted wood are then glued onto the box.
  5. The resulting sculptures are then drawn from different perspectives, elevations, showing the importance of perspective in sculpture.
  6. The drawings from different perspectives are placed next to each other. This represents the sculpture's physical translation from three to two dimensions.
  7. Textures representing the environment, both simulated and real, are then added to the drawings: grass, string, stone…