A collection of four musical stories in allegorical form. Images and sound are composed into audio-visual rhythms based on the psychological/emotional dynamics of the individual in interaction with the environment. The aesthetic ideas expressed are closely bound to the unique characteristics of state-of-the-art post-production video systems that existed in 1976.

Junkyard Levitation
Junkyard Levitation is a visual play on "mind over matter." Scrap metal technology and video technology are united to temporarily break down the known laws of science, and to prove that psychokinesis is valid in a given frame of reference.

Songs of Innocence
Songs of Innocence is a reference to the poet William Blake. The images and voices of children singing on the lawn of a suburban parochial school reappear as if floating on the wind—engaging the viewer's perceptions, and evoking a visual relationship between memory, the setting of the sun, and death.

The Space Between the Teeth
The structure of The Space Between the Teeth is the structure of the acoustic phenomenon and psychological dynamics of a person screaming at the top of his lungs at the end of a long, dark industrial corridor. Computer editing techniques were used to orchestrate mathematically precise relationships between sound and image, and to create the temporal figure/ground reversal seen in the second half of the tape.

Truth Through Mass Individuation
Truth Through Mass Individuation refers to Carl Jung's writings on the individual and the mass. Three abrupt and violent actions are seized and suspended in time by video disc memory.  Tension is regularly held then released as the figure is seen on the verge of frustrated aggression against the environment. In the fourth and final stage, he passively surrenders and is absorbed into the screaming mass of 40,000 people at a night baseball game.