In a small alcove, a wood column extends from the floor and ceiling, with a gap in the center formed by two exposed monitors facing each other two inches apart, mounted to upper and lower columns respectively, a black-and-white video image on each monitor.

A column-like structure is enclosed in a small alcove. It is made of wood and extends from floor to ceiling. There is a gap of several inches at eye level in the column, dividing the structure in two. At this gap, positioned facing each other and not touching, are the exposed tubes of two black and white video monitors. The upper monitor shows a close-up image of an old woman on the verge of death, and the lower monitor shows a close-up image of a new baby only days old. The images are silent. Since the surface of each monitor screen is glass, a reflected image of the screen opposite to it can be seen through the surface of each image, as life and death reflect and contain each other.