Stones: Landscape Interventions

Artist: Iñaki Gracenea
Technique: Sculpture, installation and photography
School: ES Ramiro de Maeztu, Oyón
Year: 6th
Related areas and subjects: Social Studies and group work.
Teachers: Diana Oleagoitia, Myriam Ruiz and Iñigo Beristain


Working together for improved group cohesion.


Chalk, silicone for molds, plastic box, tempera paint, large paintbrushes and a camera.


  1. We analyzed the objects found in the landscape and chose a fragment of them: the stones.
  2. Each pupil brought along a stone collected in Oyón, part of the landscape they live in.
  3. Three of the collected stones were chosen and a mold was made of each one.
  4. The stone was placed in a folding plastic box which was filled with silicone.
  5. When dry, the box was taken apart and the mold was separated from the stone.
  6. The space left by the stone was filled with plaster.
  7. The stones collected were therefore reproduced and great numbers of identical copies generated.
  8. The copied stones were painted using colored tempera paints.
  9. The stones were used to mark important places for the schoolchildren: places for meeting, for playing, or where something worth mentioning had happened.
  10. With the stones on the floor, they drew shapes or symbols in each place.
  11. They took photographs to record their intervention in the environment.