Curricular subject: Math

17 students, 3rd grade

Teachers: Rakel Tejero, Itxasne Etxebarria

Artist: Ibon Sáenz de Olazagoitia

Language: Basque

This project consisted in an art-based approach to geometry, looking for strong physical and personal connections with this area of Mathematics while exploring the aesthetic possibilities of geometric shapes in space in the absence of narrative threads or figuration referents.

In order to do this, photos were taken of architectural elements near the school, which enabled students to see their surroundings under new light. Then, they were asked to make drawings based on the photos, using geometric elements only (no figures). The drawings were then employed to transform buildings in the area and make proposals for interventions on the surrounding architecture.

Finally, the students became sculptors for a while and created compositions out of simple elements–blocks or strips of wood, modeling clay, wire, etc.–that had no referents in reality. They just had to explore the possible combinations of geometric shapes. Their small-sized geometric sculptures were later processed with Photoshop and digitally inserted in specific areas around the school as studies for future sculptures in the public space.