Project: Diverse letters


25 sixth-grade students from Sansomendi School, Vitoria-Gasteiz

Teachers: Idurre Ayerbe and Iñaki Larrañaga

Artist: Nerea Lekuona

Language: Basque

In these workshops, language was used not only to learn, think and communicate, but also as a tool for artistic creation. It helped students analyze the messages they receive through posters, ads or the Internet. The workshops provided them with tools to develop critical thinking skills. A further purpose of this activity was to develop the children’s aesthetic taste and to help them enjoy art, get to know or discover artists and their work.

The activities in the workshop included analyzing calligraphy, hand drawn letters, font size and weight, shadow effects, etc. Then students experimented by writing on different physical supports. They sketched names and words in different languages (Calo, Arabic, African languages, etc.) on a large plastic sheet. They made a roll out of that material that was projected on a wall using a system of rollers attached to a projector, which could be turned with a crank to move and roll as if it were a film. They also made a video containing tags, labels, terms or messages that they considered important and drew an original map on the diverse information they gathered about the different cultures that coexist in their community.

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“We’ve done lots of things with Nerea Lekuona. We’ve learned a lot, but there is one topic that particularly caught our interest: equality. Through art, we’ve worked on how we’re all equal and have the same rights. We’re very privileged because there are other cultures in our class and in our school.”—Student from Sansomendi