Project: Everyday maths


26 fifth-grade students from Deusto School, Bilbao

Teachers: Begoña Bergasa and Eskarne Mardaras

Artist: Zaloa Ipiña

Language: Basque

The project was designed to address mathematics in everyday life. The students understood that maths is not just numbers in a book and that its multiple forms play an important role in many aspects of life. At the beginning of the school year they took pictures of mathematical elements they found around them: numbers, parallel lines, angles, volume, geometric shapes, perspectives... From these images from reality, they created new mathematical landscapes applying formal logic in collages containing lines, shapes and patterns.

Using paper folding techniques, they created polyhedrons of different sizes and colors that they gave life to. They animated shapes that are normally inert making use of sequences and patters, both visual and formal, acceleration and deceleration.

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“I had a great time taking pictures, because sometimes you come up with a world turned upside down… and I enjoyed making polyhedrons, 3-D animation and group work, too. The easiest part was making the cube, and the hardest was the octahedron. Now I try to make polyhedrons at home. Art always helps me do other things.”—A student from Deusto School