Artist: Iñaki Gracenea
Medium: Collage, painting, and sculpture
School: CP Belaskoenea
Year: 6th grade
Areas and related subjects: Natural and Social Science
Teacher: Lourdes Castelló


To raise the students' awareness of their immediate environment and their ability to influence and change it.


Paper, pencil, tempera, paintbrushes, pieces of wood, textured paper, cardboard.


  1. First, the location of the school was studied on a map and walking around it.
  2. We discuss whether the environment can provoke feelings of belonging or indifference among inhabitants.
  3. Local residents come to the classroom and tell studentes about what the area used to be like and how it has changed in the last 50 years.
  4. The students then represent the area in a collage, adding things they would like to see: one suggested a Ferris wheel, another a pond...
  5. The most viable proposals are analyzed, deciding the type of use or benefits they would have for the community.
  6. The children then create a scale model of the neighborhood today: public services, recreational areas, street furniture, sports facilities, traffic, shopping…
  7. The model also reflects the things that would improve the everyday lives of residents in the future.