Tapestry of Sensations

Artist: Elssie Ansareo
Techniques: Sculpture and installation
School: Artatse PS
Academic year: 2011–12
Related areas and topics: Science
Teachers: Begoña Gómez, Mª Carmen Celorrio, and Pilar Torrescusa


Develop aesthetic appreciation in an artistic project that increases group cohesion whilst using psychomotor skills.


Colored cards, felt, plastic mesh, wool, cardboard, and scissors.


  1. The group has to design an ideal place, a magical installation, an environment that makes them feel good.
  2. First questions are raised: What will this place be like? How will it make you feel? What can colors provide? And shapes?
  3. As sources of inspiration: mandalas, fractals, the language of colors...
  4. Each student designs a small format sketch combining geometric forms made of colored cards.
  5. The effects of the designs are discussed.
  6. The group agrees on a design for the large scale installation (the tapestry): it will be based on repeating a geometric form (they choose a square) made out of felt and wool.
  7. Groups of 4 or 5 children work in each in a section of a 50 x 50 cm square of plastic mesh.
  8. Strips of felt are cut and knotted to the mesh. Many strips of fabric give a spongy effect and hide the base mesh.
  9. Wool is used to make pompoms and elements are painted on the tapestry.
  10. The mesh squares are hung next to each other, generating an installation, a great tapestry that covers a space in the classroom.