We offer tools, spaces, and specific programs for children of different ages (beginning at 6 months old!) and their accompanying adult. Different ways of enjoying a friendly, enriching museum experience.

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experiencias creativas

ART Space

Artistic adventures and Creativity laboratories. Workshops and visits to encourage the whole family to discover and create.

baby art

Baby Art

An activity envisioned as a place of stimuli and play geared at the interaction between babies and their families.

books alive

Books Alive!

A program in which children listen to stories and participate in games with their families as they start to use their communication skills in English.


Architecture Lab

An architecture course that allows children to learn about concepts related to architecture and space in a fun way through drawings, scale models, and games.

yoga en familia

Family Yoga

Practice yoga as a family as a way to share and connect, while enjoying games through art and yoga moves adapted to kids.

curso dibujo scaled

Learning to draw

Drawing course for children. Participants learn what drawing is and what it is used for.

corner arte scaled

Art corner

A space with books and questions that serves as a corner of calm and a place for reflection. Located within the didactic space of The Matter of Time by Richard Serra.

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