Learning online

LEARN ONLINE is the digital component of the Museum’s educational programming. It aims to enhance the on-site pedagogical experience with sustainable, lasting digital programs and tools and with innovative, accessible activities.

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The Museum’s online art courses offer a unique chance to gain accessible, rigorous training on key themes and concepts in the history of modern and contemporary art from today’s perspective.

Taught by experts in each field, our courses’ starting point is the Museum’s Collection and dynamic art program. It includes video classes and supplementary materials.

What Materials Tell Us about Modern and Contemporary Art




Online live classes make it possible for participants to interact with their instructors. The themes are adapted to the Museum’s art program and are taught via occasional presentations by experts. Take a close look at the details of a selection of works on view related to the theme! More information here.

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A series of thematic live online talks related to art pedagogy. They include examples of activities to use with students in the classroom. Free of charge.

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This is a virtual tour in English via a simple video call that can easily be held in the classroom, which shares a selection of the works exhibited and different features of the Museum’s building in an easy, accessible way.

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As part of its commitment to the innovation and accessibility of its contents, the Museum offers a pioneering digital experience which enables visitors to connect with each other via its artistic holdings and the emotions that the works in the Collection inspire in us.