Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Two Mobility Futures 0∞

This is a glimpse of two divergent mobility futures. The Covid-19 pandemic instantly halted most human travel. For many of us, our products, food, information, and experiences were delivered right to our doorstep. At the same time, significant advances in land, air, and space mobility modes may enable humans to move frictionlessly to wherever they desire. We explore the impact of extreme versions of these futures on relationships, possessions, and urban environments.

Two Mobility Futures 0∞ presents three interconnected stories; Window, Luggage and Love. They explore changing mobility patterns, and how this can impact our built environment, social relationships, and consumption respectively. To the left of the installation, we see a world where the human experience is increasingly hyper-local and motion approaches zero (0). To the right, people achieve near-infinite freedom of motion (∞). The physical model, made from salvaged car parts, and the chandelier above augment each section of the stories.

Kent Larson

Team Members
Luis Alonso Pastor, Gabriela Bílá, Justin Blinder, Margaret Church, Naroa Coretti, Markus Elkatsha, Maitane Iruretagoyena, Thomas Lengeling, Holger Prang, Yasushi Sakai, Lucas Seixas, Carson Smuts, Pedro Ribeiro, Sean Webley