Bermeo Harbor

Bermeo is a seafaring town whose fishing port maintains the activities and the traditions of a way of life that has lasted until our era.

Since its foundation in 1239, Bermeo has had a rich history, evident in a number of monuments scattered around its old quarter, many of which have been declared of historical and artistic interest: the gothic Ercilla tower, now home to the Fishermen’s Museum, and the only one of its kind to exhibit the seafaring tradition of the arrantzales; the church of Santa Maria; Santa Eufemia, an ‘oath church;’ the cloister of the church of San Francisco, built in 1357; the Town Hall, whose façade features two sundials, and Casa Kinkubera, with a boat-like structure.

Other highlights are the 14th-century arch of San Juan; the ‘Beti Aita Guria’, a replica of a real 17th-century whaling ship, now converted into an interpretation center of whale fishing; and the old quarter, where fishermen’s houses with mediaeval features line the old harbor, and delightful squares with a lively atmosphere and excellent restaurants.