Mount Gorbea, Gorbeialdea, Bizkaia



The Gorbeia and Urkiola mountain ranges mark out the boundary of Gorbeialdea. Declared natural parks thanks to their natural and scenic beauty, they are an excellent option for rural tourism enthusiasts.

Gorbeia Natural Park covers almost all the mountainous area around Mount Gorbeia, which is crowned with an emblematic cross, and it is also the biggest in the Basque Country. It is mostly covered by beech, oak and pine forests and their associated wildlife species of deer and foxes. The main access to the park is via Areatza, and the road takes you up to the recreational areas of Pagomakurre, Larreder, and Upokomakatza.

Urkiola Natural Park includes the highest parts of the Aramotz mountain range, creating a large limestone barrier and an abrupt landscape combined with mountain pastures and pine, holm oak and beech woods. The Sanctuary of Antonio de Abad y de Papua is located in the heart of the park and is an important pilgrimage site in Biscay. From Dima you can access the area of Eskuagatx and, above all, Baltzola. After Otxandio, on the way to Olaeta, do not miss the beech woods of Condebaso.

What to See

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Guggenheim Bilbao, Bilbao


Bermeo Harbor
Bermeo, Bizkaia


Port de santurtzi
Santurtzi, Bizkaia


Oma Forest, Kortezubi, Bizkaia
Kortezubi, Bizkaia

Oma Forest

Boardhouse, Gernika-Lumo, Bizkaia
Gernika-Lumo, Bizkaia


Urdaibai Reserve, Busturialdea, Bizkaia


Lekeitio, Bizkaia
Lekeitio, Bizkaia