FutureNOMAD: 2086

This project by YSoA fall 2021 speculates on a radical move towards “dis-location,a modern nomadism —towards wandering lives that are “at home…on the road”. The work is inspired by the van-dwellers of Nomadland, the mutant vehicles of Burning Man, by the transient structures, temporary communities and ‘pop-up cities’ of trade fairs, festivals, circuses, expeditions and camps —and, of course, by the practices, techniques and structures of traditional nomad cultures. The studio’s projects focus on nomad vessels that are “transformable:” they are on the move and at rest, autonomous and collective, minimal and expansive, sites of work and play, celebration and retreat.

For most projects, the key transformations of the vessels are mechanical and spatial —domesticating the world by extending or unfolding elements beyond their base volume so as to activate local features of the terrain or to directly engage or connect with nearby vessels. For others, the key transformations are based on co-operative actions of vessels with shared missions, or on serial acts of vessel assemblage. The agency of the futureNOMAD is the central theme of all the vessels and projects.


Helen Evenden, Steven Harris, Gavin Hogben, Wesley Evans

Team Members
Bo Cai, Lauren Carmona, Rosa Congdon, Quincy Ding, Jia Ying Guan, Jeeu Kim, Sewon Roy Kim, Aleksa Milojevic, Jahaan Scipio, Matthew Wilde

Volkswagen, Germany