Weekly Diet

Artist: Maider López
Technique: Collage and performance
School: Arrateko Andramari, Eibar
Year: 4th
Related areas and subjects:  Nutrition and Social Studies
Teacher: Maite Rescalvo


To reflect on healthy eating while making the intangible visible in a collective artistic project.


Colored paper and scissors.


  1. The project consisted of numbering, classifying and adding up everything the pupils in the class eat in a week.
  2. Each pupil wrote a list of their lunches for the week, listing their daily diet, classified into food groups.
  3. We then added up the amounts eaten by the whole class in the week: the result was 60 bananas, 70 yoghurts, 50 chicken fillets, 175 liters of water, 20 plates of beans, etc.
  4. We drew the outlines of the food on colored paper.
  5. We cut out the same number of outlines on colored paper as items of food eaten.
  6. This converted the food data into schematically repeated drawings.
  7. The graph showing the drawings allowed them to view data otherwise intangible and to draw their own conclusions as to their food intake.
  8. The class then played out a fun sketch entitled: Meat with vegetables, always!
  9. This is a dynamic where the pupils are given different roles and the class is divided into two food groups: half of the class represents protein and the other half vitamins.
  10. Some are meat and are in red; others are vegetables and are in green.
  11. The meat tries to join the other meats, but the vegetables always move between them trying to keep their schoolmates in red separate from one another.
  12. In this fun, symbolic game, the schoolchildren move around the school playground, grouping and regrouping, playing out healthy eating habits as they go.