Visible and Invisible


Related subject or curricular area: Science

19 schoolchildren, grade 5, San Gabriel School, Trápaga

Teacher: Rakel Tabernilla

Artist: Elssie Ansareo

Language: Spanish

In a series of art activities, the students dealt with topics in the Science curriculum. The subjects were different, but they all had something in common: the need to account for the interior (invisible) composition of something exterior (visible)–the Earth, the mountains, the human body, and so on. This gave the kids the chance to explore a variety of concepts connecting the interior with the exterior, the invisible with the visible, and micro perspectives with macro perspectives.

Using pixilation, a stop motion technique, the pupils made a sequence of motion images from additive drawings and sequential photographs of them. They also made performances to describe the interior/exterior dichotomy, anatomical concepts and feelings with their own bodies. In the process, they were able to reflect about the lessons learned and the management and transfer of knowledge, becoming aware of how individual efforts can lead to collective work. Cohesion, coordination, and cooperation were key to the accomplishment of their final work.