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These materials approach art through dialogue and participation. They include images, questions, activities and resources to: Prepare a self-guided tour of the Museum, reinforce artistic concepts before and after the tour, integrate art to the school curriculum.

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How to Use the Guides

The educational materials provided here include a number of resources, questions, and activities for primary and secondary school teachers. We hope you will find them useful when visiting the exhibitions with your students. The guides offer teachers suggestions on how they can integrate art studies into school curriculum and help their students develop observation and analysis skills while exploring works of art.

These materials can be used in any order, either fully or in part. We hope they will be a useful tool for helping students gain a better understanding of the exhibitions and of subjects related to the History, Geography and Social Studies curriculum.

This material will help you:

  • Guide your students through the exhibition.
  • Prepare students before they visit the exhibition.
  • Encourage students to take a more in-depth look at the works on display.
  • Prepare your art classes, adapting content to your group's specific interests and to school curriculum requirements.
  • Motivate students to analyze and reflect on artistic themes, and to acquire the vocabulary and knowledge they need to take part in a conversation about art.
  • Develop students' capacity for critical analysis and detailed observation.

Before bringing your class to the Museum we recommend that you visit the exhibition. Educators are invited to visit the Museum free of charge on specific days and take part in special orientation sessions. By visiting the exhibition beforehand, you can decide on the most important aspects for engaging your students.


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