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To get the most out of your Museum visit

To get the most out of your Museum visit, we recommend that you consider the following advice:

Before the visit

If you wish to check items in the coatroom, we recommend you arrive 15 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin.

If you have any questions, please check with us by calling our information line (+34) 944 35 90 80

During your visit

Central atrium

The Atrium is the heart and soul of the Museum and serves as a point of reference for visitors. The three floors of galleries arranged around this central area are interconnected by catwalks, glass elevators, and stairs.

Exhibition galleries

The exhibition space comprises a total of 20 galleries.

The Atrium and catwalks connect the different galleries, making it easy to find your way around the Museum and providing different perspectives on the various exhibition spaces. As you enter the Museum, you’ll discover that despite the complex shapes and forms of the exterior, the interior is a clear and orderly space that is quite easy to negotiate.

Non-exhibition areas

Non-exhibition areas include a 300-seat Auditorium, two restaurants, a café, and a store/bookstore.

Please note

During the summer, it is suggested that layered clothing be worn as the temperature inside the Museum is quite cool.


Help us protect the artworks

Do not touch

Please do not touch the artwork, and keep a safe distance between you and each work of art. They are fragile and might be damaged at the slightest contact. Please bear in mind that sharp objects and pens, markers, etc. are not allowed in the galleries.

Kids welcome, but supervised

You are welcome to bring children to the Museum, but please make sure they are supervised at all times. Help us by teaching them not to touch the artwork. Running and roughhousing are not allowed; they might disturb other visitors. Groups of children must be supervised by chaperones, who must make sure they follow the rules at all times.


Breastfeeding is permitted in the Museum. Also, no food or drink is allowed in the galleries, but you can feed your kids in other areas (hallways and benches outside the galleries).


Please do not bring large bags, backpacks, packages, or umbrellas into the galleries. Your belongings should be under 35 x 35 cm.


Animals are not allowed inside the Museum, except for service animals (guide dogs and prescription pets).

No Smoking

Smoking is not permitted anywhere within the Museum galleries. Likewise, visitors are not permitted to eat or drink in the Museum galleries.


You are welcome to use handheld cameras to take pictures or videos in the galleries, but bear in mind that no flash use is permitted on any artwork (exceptions indicated), and tripods or selfie sticks are not allowed.

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