Learning Through Art


Today, museums consider themselves to be venues for the exchange of knowledge, spaces where an active compromise between the past and the present can be achieved through participation, collaboration, commitment, fulfillment, and social and environmental resposability. Moreover, visitors are no longer passive onlookers, but they have reconfigured their role into an active part to make museum experiences more pleasurable.

These changes, as well as the uninterrupted progress of technology in the post-internet age, are leading us to find new challenges and ideas to turn art and education at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao into a useful tool for different types of visitors—schoolchildren, students, teachers, families—and for society at large.

Workshops for children

Discover our workshop-visits for kids ages 3 to 11 led by profesional art educators

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Tours for Schools

Explore the exhibitions with your class through two itineraries relating the shows on view. Choose the one that best suits your interests

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Teachers’ Guides

These materials approach art through dialogue and participation. They include images, questions, activities and resources

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iTunes U

Didactic content about The Collection. Learn about our courses

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