Connect with Art

This program offers different ways of visiting the Museum, individually or in groups, with a variety of tools and for various levels of knowledge or information.

Didactic spaces, audioguides, guided tours with different dynamics, durations or contents, showing the temporary exhibitions, the works in the Museum Collection, and/or the Museum’s architecture.


As part of its commitment with innovation and the accessibility of its contents, the Museum introduces a pioneering digital experience that enables to connect with other visitors and works of art through the Collection.

Guided tours

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Exclusive guided tours

Guided tours are led by qualified guides.

Tours are 60 minutes long and include information on the architecture of the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao building and the works on display.

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If visitors are interested in a particular focus, it is important to let the guide know before the tour begins or when making your booking.

For tours in Basque, Italian or German, or for special requests, please write to us at información@guggenheim-bilbao.eus


Note: Recording of guided tours on any medium is not permitted.

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Guggenheim +

Do you want to explore areas in Frank Gehry’s building that are not open to the public in addition to visiting the exhibition galleries? These exclusive tours, guided by Museum’s professional guides, give you the chance to do so.

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  • Booking required; call 944 359 090. Tuesday through Friday, 10 am through 2 pm
  • Meeting point: Group Admissions desk
  • Estimated duration: 120 min
  • Tour fee: €225 (admission tickets not included)
  • 20 people per group max.

Note: Recording of guided tours on any medium is not permitted.

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Another resources

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The audio guides take you along an independent route through the exhibitions, selecting the most representative works in each show. An audio guide app will be available.

Didaktika Arte y espacio | Aprende | Guggenheim Bilbao Museoa


As part of the Didaktika project, the Museum offers educational spaces and special activities that complement the exhibitions with tools and resources to improve your understanding and appreciation of the artworks on view.


  • Different approaches and proposals agreed upon with exhibition curators.
  • Resources to stimulate observation, reflection, learning, and pleasure in art.
  • Interactive tools for multisensory experiences.
  • Cross-cutting interdisciplinary programs for visitors of all ages.
  • More information on the Museum website section “Did you know…?” of each exhibition.
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