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Activities for hospitals

The project

Based on the educational experiences at the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and the Cruces and Basurto hospitals, a program of activities has been designed for the children's wards at both hospitals. Activities revolve around the production and comprehension of art as a stimulus for learning and as an educational and therapeutic tool.

Some of the Museum's family-oriented activities are now offered at these two hospitals. The program is geared to children aged 3 to 16 who are either hospital in-patients or outpatients required to visit the hospital on a regular basis. After arranging a date and time that best meets the needs of each hospital, a Museum monitor visits once a month to lead a 90-minute workshop.

The children are shown images either on paper or in digital format of works from the Museum's Permanent Collection or temporary exhibitions. The monitor then engages the children in talking about the key concepts of each piece. After thought-provoking discussion, the children create their own works of art. They are provided with materials and guidance, and have approximately 90 minutes to work on their projects.

By offering a monthly session, the regular teachers at the hospital classrooms can continue to develop the same activity independently with other students throughout the month.


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